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£20m Levelling Up boost for Earlestown

by Gemma Melling

Plans to revitalise Earlestown have been given a major boost with confirmation that the town has successfully won £20m of ‘Levelling Up’ funding from Government.

St Helens Council bid for the cash to support their ambitious plans for Earlestown Town Centre, which aim to restore it to its former glory.

The Levelling Up money will support regeneration plans for the historic market square, the renovation and reopening of Earlestown Town Hall, and improvements to Earlestown railway station.

Cllr Sev Gomez, ward member for Newton-le-Willows East and Deputy Leader of St Helens Council, described the funding as “absolutely massive news”, and said it came on the back of other investments that had already been agreed to help regenerate the town centre.

He said: “This money has been allocated for the regeneration of the Market Square and Market Street, the reopening of our Town Hall, and to reopen the historic waiting room at Earlestown Station and make it fully lift accessible (combined with an Access for All Bid to redevelop the whole station). It is absolutely massive news.

“It doesn’t fix the government cuts to revenue for our Council, and only a Labour Government will help that. But it’s massive news and shows us delivering on what we’ve promised: restoring Earlestown to its former glory.”

Cllr Terry Maguire, ward councillor for Newton-le-Willows West, agreed it was “fantastic news.” He said: “This is indeed exciting news for Earlestown and we should all look forward to helping and encouraging every aspect of the future planned works.

“The future is bright, let’s look forward and embrace this project together.”

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