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Advertise your business with Newton-le-Willows News

Truly ‘local’ and low cost advertising that reaches YOUR customers… and doesn’t break the bank

At Newton-le-Willows News, we love small, local businesses. And we know how hard it can be to get your name out in the local community, and pick up the customers you need in the area you serve.

We also know that spending out large sums on advertising can be daunting and, for some small businesses, simply unaffordable. But you still need some way to spread the word about your business and get more customers.

That’s why we:

  • Keep our advertising prices low, so that small local businesses of all kinds can afford to try advertising with us
  • Offer a package of ongoing promotion rather than a ‘one-off’ ad – spreading your promotion over six months and using a number of different channels – to maximise your local exposure.

And we can help you:

  • Reach some of the 20,000 local visitors we have to our website each year
  • Showcase your business to more than 1,500 local subscribers to our emails
  • Promote you to our audience of more than 5,500 local social media followers

Our low cost advertising starts from just £89… and lasts for six whole months

As one of our Featured Businesses, we’ll work with you for as long as you like, offering ongoing promotion in our Local Directory, subscriber email and social media channels.

Take a Featured Listing on our Local Directory and you unlock the following options:

  • Choose to use your company logo as the lead image
  • Include a selection of images and much more detail about what you offer
  • Add links to your website and all your social media channels – great for your SEO.
  • Push your listing to the top of the Category with a gold ‘Featured Listing’ badge.
  • Appear in more than one category, if relevant.

You’ll also get:

  • Social media support – on our social media channels and in our dedicated Facebook group
  • Promotion through our email newsletter,  Newton-le-Willows Update, which goes out to local registered subscribers.

We’re confident that this method of advertising, spread over a longer period of time, helps raise awareness of your company name and brings local customers to your business. After six months, you can choose to cancel or renew… there’s no obligation at all.

Why not double your exposure and reach customers slightly further afield?

Take a Featured listing on both Newton-le-Willows News AND our sister site Lowton and Golborne News for six months for just £149.

It means you get double the benefits above – with promotion across the Lowton and Golborne social media channels and in our Lowton and Golborne Update emailer, too.

Take a look at our recent Featured Listings to get an idea how yours could look:

Brightway Carpet Cleaning

Taylor’d Landscaping

Ready to get started?

Fill in your business details here and we’ll get your listing – free or Featured – set up ASAP!

You can also email: localdirectory@newtonlewillowsnews.co.uk.

Interested in other advertising options?

Talk to us. We’re happy to hear what your goals are and how we can best help to achieve them, together.

It could be an Advertorial article on our site – or a banner ad on our homepage. Maybe you’d like to sponsor our email newsletter, or some of our themed content? Or perhaps you need someone to help run or create content for your own social media channels – we can help with that, too.

Drop us an email: localdirectory@newtonlewillowsnews.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options with you.