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Solar panels being installed on a roof

City region group buying scheme helps drive down the cost of solar panels

by Gemma Melling

St Helens Borough Council is supporting Solar Together, a group-buying scheme designed to make it easier for residents to install solar panels on their homes to cut carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

Group-buying aims to make purchasing solar panels and batteries much more accessible and affordable than if you were to individually buy solar panels on your own.

So far, there have been 43 Solar Together schemes across 11 local authorities in the UK since 2015. As part of these schemes, more than 250,000 panels have been installed, which has avoided 460,000 tonnes of carbon overall, with more than 570 homes in the Liverpool City Region benefiting from a Solar Together installation.

Now people living in Newton-le-Willows can register an interest for the scheme, which offers solar panels with optional battery storage and EV charge points, and will also retrofit battery storage if you’ve already invested in solar panels and want to get more from the renewable energy they are generating.

All residents living in St Helens borough who own their own house or have permission from their landlord to install a solar PV system can register for the scheme.

Although solar panels require upfront investment to install, they can increase the value of your home and save money on the cost of your energy bills.

How to be part of the scheme

You can register on the Solar Together website: www.solartogether.co.uk/st-helens/home.

Solar Together hold a reverse auction with pre-vetted installers, who compete to offer registrants the most competitive price.

Registrants receive a personal recommendation for their home based on the information provided during registration.

Registrants can then decide if they want to accept the recommendation, which will include information about the winning installer, the proposed installation, costs and savings. There is no obligation to go forward with the recommendation.

If the recommendation is accepted, the winning installer will arrange a roof survey and set an installation date. All installations aim to be complete within six months of acceptance.

Cllr Andy Bowden, St Helens Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Climate Change, said: “As a council with aspirations of becoming net zero by 2040, we are pleased to join other local authorities in the Liverpool City Region and from across the country in helping to facilitate the Solar Together initiative, a fantastic opportunity for residents to explore group-buying as a route to generate their own energy while saving money on energy bills in the process.

“If you have been considering installing solar panels on your home, I’d encourage you to consider Solar Together – a proven scheme offering a quality service at reasonable prices, helping councils like us respond to the climate change as we look towards a greener future.”

For more information about the Solar Together scheme, visit: www.solartogether.co.uk/st-helens/home.

For more information about St Helens Borough’s journey to net zero emissions visit netzero.sthelens.gov.uk.


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