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Competition grows for local allotment holders

by Gemma Melling

How big was your halloween pumpkin? We bet it was nowhere near as these specimens, grown by local allotment holders.

In fact, the growers of Rob Lane and Mesnes Park allotments had such a good harvest of pumpkins this year that they had to hold a Pumpkin Competition to determine who had grown the best!

The result was an impressive array of pumpkins – of all varieties, colours and sizes.

And the real winner was the Honey Rose Foundation, who were supported by the competition to the tune of £570.

Cllr Terry Maguire was amongst the judges. He said: “What an enjoyable morning down at Rob Lane Allotments with Newton Gardeners association.

“I was invited to their annual giant pumpkin competition weigh in. It was lovely to see so many people there including many children. The pumpkins were huge and much time and care is given to be able to compete.

“Well done to all the winners and for also raising money for the Honey Rose Foundation.


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