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Encouraging weekend as young gymnasts begin competition season

by Gemma Melling

By Kane Green

Competition season began for Newton-le-Willows’ Hope Acrobatic Gymnastics Club with a long trip north over the border to Edinburgh to compete at the Scottish Invitational.

There were new partnerships competing for the first time as well as established partnerships on their first outing of the season.

In the Grade 3 Women’s Pair, Daisy Kay and Libby Williams posted a monumental score of 27.500 but had to settle for a silver medal in 2nd place – a great result in their first competition together.  In the same category Caitlin Hanley and Chloe Payne were desperately unlucky to miss out on a medal, finishing in 4th by a tiny margin of 0.05.

In the Grade 5 Women’s Group there was a well deserved bronze medal for Isobel Stirrup, Jessica Lancaster and Lois Preston in the Dynamic competition with their thrilling routine.

There was another near miss for Hope in the Grade 3 Women’s Group. Eva Booth, Hattie Lloyd and Skylah Malaney. Their wonderful performance earned a huge score of 25.600 but it wasn’t quite enough as they finished in 4th place. A second Hope trio – Hannah Gannon, Alice Pownall and Daisy Denmade look well placed for a medal but an uncharacteristic mistake put paid to their chances. Both will undobtedly be amongst medals as the season goes on.

Another 4th place came in the Grade 4 Women’s Group category. Isabel Rummery, Freya Cross and Amelia Harper performed beautifully in a huge category of 19 partnerships, just missing out on the podium.

Holly Williams, Darcey Cassidy and Rosie Kay were also close to the medals as their powerful Balance routine saw them end the day in 4th place.

Amelia Roberts and Corra Brightcliffe completed the Hope contingent with a 9th place finish against 20 rival duos in the Grade 4 Women’s Pairs which showed great promise for future competitions.

It was an encouraging weekend for Hope, and the medals will surely begin to flow as they travel south to Sunbury-on-Thames in a fortnight for the Spelthorne Acro Cup.

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