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‘House warming’ competition for Hope Acro’s new Earlestown HQ

by Gemma Melling

By Kane Green

Hope Acrobatic Gymnastics club marked the opening of their new permanent home in Earlestown on Sunday (18 June) with their annual club competition.

The club, who have achieved huge national success despite being without a permanent home since their formation in 2021, moved into the former Prendooley’s Play Centre site on Queen Street in the spring.

It was a day of celebration as more than 170 gymnasts from across the club’s squads came together to put on a fantastic show in front of a huge crowd of families and friends.

Sunday morning saw the future stars of Hope Acro take centre stage as the Pre- School and Beginners’ groups took to the floor. The youngest members of Team Hope, most in their very first competition, delighted the audience with their enthusiasm and confidence as they displayed the skills they have developed at the start of their gymnastics journeys.

The morning presentation saw trophies awarded to the highest scoring gymnasts in each age group. Elodie Brooks was delighted with her prize for the pre-school group, and Nolan Morse was the winner from the Beginners Squad.

The afternoon session gave the gymnasts from the Minis, Advanced, TDP, Premier and Elite Squads their opportunity to shine. The younger gymnasts were cheered on raucously throughout by their senior clubmates, many of whom coach their younger counterparts, and they returned the support in spades as they were thrilled by the stunning routines of the Elite Squad later in the day.

At the final presentation, Jessica Pickering and Olivia Semmens won the award for the highest scoring partnership from the gymnasts who train for under 6 hours per week. Isabel Rummery and Corra Brightcliffe’s stunning routine earned them the highest score from the NDP Grades 1-5, with Mia Ellison, Madi Corless and Lola Sitko the winners in the elite FIG category.

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