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Kids take the older generation back in time for Jubilee celebrations

by Gemma Melling

Young people brought some Jubilee magic to older people in Newton-le-Willows, hosting a Cream Tea Party evoking memories of years gone by.

The group of children, aged from just five years old, came up with the idea of hosting the gathering at their regular Business for Youth Gardening Club meets.

In the run-up to the Jubilee weekend, the group were busy preparing their garden for the occasion, and sending invitations to 60 specially invited local older people.

The BFY garden all set up for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

On the day, the young volunteers set about creating a very patriotic setting, with lots of Union Jack decorations setting the scene. And the children all came dressed the part and ready to serve as waiters for their special guests, smartly dressed in black and white with Union Jack dickie bows and red, white and blue accessories!

Some of the young volunteers who worked so hard to organise and host the Jubilee Cream Tea.

Guests at the cream tea were treated as VIPs, enjoying their food and drink whilst being serenaded by classical singer Victoria Byron Whiteside, who sang numbers including Rule Brittania, Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and, of course, God Save the Queen.

Afterwards the children were delighted to give their guests a little tour of their garden area, where the Business for Youth Gardening Club have been busy planting an array of vegetables and flowers recently.

The smartly dressed young people acted as waiters and treated their guests as VIPs.

Terry Maguire from Business for Youth in Newton-le-Willows, said: “This was a lovely special and memorable day to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum jubilee; the mix of elderly and youngsters together typified the unique spirit this weekend had for many.

“As  group we are very proud of our junior and adult volunteers, we were particularly proud of all the children on this day that served.”

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