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Chaos Coffee Club

Ladies invited to join the Chaos Coffee Club

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A new private group for ladies is being set up so that women in Newton-le-Willows can get together and make new friends.

The Chaos Coffee Club has been founded by Kathryn Fogg – who was inspired to do so after living in Newton for six years, and realising she didn’t know very many people.

She’s now organising these ladies’ meet-ups, at various venues in the town, so that people like her can get to know each other in a relaxed and pressure-free environment, have a laugh and enjoy being in a group.

Kathryn says: “Groups can be intimidating sometimes, but I assure you, The Chaos Coffee Club is a safe space! My intention is to simply get to know some amazing people, help you where I can, spread positivity, share stories and, of course, eat cake and have a brew together!”

The group is perfect for women who want to increase their social circles. Perhaps, you are now working from home more often, and are missing the social interaction you once had at work. Or, if you are new to the area, and want to get to know people.

If you like the idea, but feel you’re a bit of an introvert – and you find it difficult to “put yourself out there” – Kathryn promises you’ll get a warm and supportive welcome.

The group will be all about fun and friendship – great for your mental health and mindfulness. The first meeting of the Chaos Coffee Club took place earlier this month at Chouxchouxbedoo on Newton High Street. There were 17 ladies in attendance, and the meet was a great success, with some lovely feedback.

How can I join the Chaos Coffee Club?

The first step is to join their Facebook group, or follow them on Instagram (@chaos_coffee_nlw) where you can get to know some of the ladies virtually, and help plan the next real-life meet up! Hop over to The Chaos Coffee Club group now!

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