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Local election in Newton-le-Willows

Local Elections 2022: Results in Newton & Earlestown

by Gemma Melling

Local elections took place on Thursday, 5 May 2022, to decide who’ll be our local councillors for Newton and Earlestown over the next four years.

This year, St Helens Council moved to an ‘all-out’ or ‘whole council’ election, which means that all councillors in all wards were up for election, and voters were asked to choose three candidates each.

It replaces the previous system, where local elections took place in three out of every four years, with just one seat from each ward being contested at a time.

There were also some changes to the local wards this time around. We now have two wards covering Newton and Earlestown: Newton-le-Willows East (formerly ‘Newton’) and Newton-le-Willows West (formerly ‘Earlestown’).

Counting took place today – and the results are now in!

Results in Newton-le-Willows East

The winning candidates were as follows:

Jeanie Bell (Labour)

Keith Anthony Laird (Labour)

Seve Gomez-Aspron (Labour)

The results in full were:

  • Jeanie Bell – Labour: 1701
  • Lisa Cunliffe – Conservative: 778
  • Seve Gomez-Aspron – Labour: 1560
  • Keith Laird – Labour: 1599
  • David Smith – Liberal Democrat: 1393

Results in Newton-le-Willows West

Elected to this ward are:

Terry Maguire (Independent) 

Karl Lionel Collier (Independent) 

David Banks (Labour) 

The full results were:

  • Dave Banks – Labour: 1190
  • Jeanette Banks – Labour: 1182
  • Karl Collier – Independent: 1302
  • Andy Davidson – Labour: 1063
  • Allan Dockerty – Conservative: 237
  • Terry Maguire – Independent: 1670
  • Craig Smith – Independent: 1153

Congratulations to all the newly elected councillors!

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