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A memorial is unveiled at Kershaw Day Centre in Newton-le-Willows

Memorial unveiled for former day centre users

by Gemma Melling

A memorial celebration of life honouring service users to Kershaw Day Support Centre in Newton-le-Willows who had passed away during the Covid-19 pandemic has been unveiled.

Cllr Marlene Quinn, Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care unveiled the memorial, which includes 10 mature trees planted in the grounds of the centre with a plaque honouring the service users. The service also welcomed families of those who had been cared for at Kershaw as well as senior leaders from St Helens Borough Council.

The award-winning day centre is a safe, stimulating environment which cares for and supports people with cognitive impairment, the majority of whom have a dementia-type condition.

Kershaw day support centre provides essential respite care for carers and means that service users can remain in their own home, while being offered a person-centred approach to support for service users where they can continue to follow their interests, maintain their independence, and retain or develop their social contacts while living in the community.

Service users and family at the event at Kershaw Day Support Centre

CREDIT: Bernard Platt

Cllr Quinn, Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care said: “It was an honour to officially open this incredibly touching memorial that recognises the impact the pandemic has had on the families who have relied on the centre’s care.

“Kershaw provides a fantastic range of support for families living with a range of conditions that affect the brain. The care that the amazing team deliver to our residents there is so gratefully received, and it was wonderful to chat to some of the current users there to hear about their experiences.”

Andrew Waugh, Team Manager at Kershaw Day Support Centre, added: “Losing a loved one is never easy. Here at Kershaw we remember all the people who have been part of our community and everything they have contributed to our centre. It’s hard to express just how much they all meant to us.

CREDIT: Bernard Platt

“The people who came into our lives all had such different personalities, they were unique, amazing individuals, and were full of life and laughter, often it was so contagious.

“All those memories of times your loved ones made us laugh throughout the day those experiences have changed us as people. The kindness they showed inspires us to go out into the world and make it a better and kinder place.”


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