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New era for gymnasts begins with Saltney success

by Gemma Melling

By Kane Green

An exciting new era began for Newton-le-Willows’ Hope Acro as they travelled to the Welsh Border to compete at the Saltney Classic. With a number of older gymnasts retiring and younger ones stepping into the club’s Elite Squad, newly formed partnerships had a chance to test their progress in competitive action.

The weekend began in spectacular fashion. Hope had three trios moving up into the FIG 11-16 Women’s Group category. Flawless displays from all three partnerships saw them dominate the competition and take an incredible clean sweep of the medals. Mia Ellison, Madi Corless and Lola Sitko took gold with a fabulous routine which also saw them take the prize for the highest score across all FIG categories. Holly Williams, Darcy Cassidy and Emma Green took the silver, with Hannah Guerin, Betty Prescott and Rosie Kay completing the Hope hat-trick with a well-deserved bronze.

Madi Corless, Mia Ellison and Lola Sitko win 11-16 Gold with the highest FIG score of the weekend.

Next up, Jess Lancaster, Alysha Ward and Libby Williams took silver in a highly competitive Youth Women’s Group category.

In the Grade 4 Women’s Group, Isobel Stirrup, Ellie-Rose Fenney and Lois Preston made light of the step up from Grade 3 to win gold in convincing fashion.

The gold rush showed no signs of slowing as the Grade 3 Women’s Group of Daisy Kay, Annabelle White and Amelia Harper topped the podium, and their victory was quickly matched by Hannah Gannon, Eva Booth and Corra Brightcliffe in the Grade 2 Women’s Group who also won the prize for the highest NDP score of the day.

Eva Booth, Hannah Gannon and Corra Brightcliffe celebrate victory and the highest NDP score award.

Further success came in the Grade 2 Women’s Pairs with a superb performance from Hattie Lloyd and Daisy Denmade to take yet another gold for Hope. They were joined on the podium by clubmates Caitlin Hanley and Amelia Hughes who pushed them all the way to earn a superb silver.

Two of Hope’s Elite Squad’s youngest gymnasts, Lydia Cassidy and Lilly Madej competed in the Grade 1 Women’s Pair and delighted their teammates and coaches with a beautiful routine to take a silver medal.

Lilly Madej and Lydia Cassidy delighted everyone with Grade 1 Pairs Gold.

It was an outstanding day for the club’s gymnasts, who went to Wales to gain experience in new partnerships with many stepping up into higher grades for the new season. The glut of medals was a huge bonus and all partnerships can move forward with confidence for bigger tests ahead.

Photos courtesy of Sean Kilmurray.

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