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New Facebook group launched for people who believe in Support Local

by Gemma Melling

A new Facebook group where businesses in Newton-le-Willows, Golborne and Lowton can work together and people can support local organisations is now open for members.

Hyperlocal websites Lowton and Golborne News and Newton-le-Willows News have joined together to create an online community covering the three towns.

The Support Local Lowton, Golborne and Newton-le-Willows group is a place where people can celebrate all that is good about their towns – from things to do to local businesses.

It’s a place where people can collaborate over an idea – perhaps pulling together to deliver something good in the community – or where you can go to ask for help or advice that a local business or organisation may be able to help with.

The group will champion local issues and causes, and – just like the two websites behind it – will aim to make it as easy and convenient to support local whenever possible.

Examples of what you might find in the group are:

  • Gift inspiration from small, independent businesses for upcoming events including Valentines Day and Mothering Sunday
  • Volunteering opportunities and other chances to work together to make a positive difference locally
  • Lifestyle information such as great places to walk, recommended restaurants and coffee shops
  • Photo challenges showcasing the changing seasons in our towns.

A Facebook group that’s a bit different

The Support Local Lowton, Golborne and Newton-le-Willows group aims to be distinctly different to what’s already out there. It’s all about positivity and celebrating where we live.

So you won’t find lost cats (sorry!), complaints about anti-social behaviour or relentless negativity. There are plenty of local groups already where you’ll find that content.

For residents living in the towns, the group aims to help raise awareness of the rich offer we have on our doorsteps. As a member, you’ll be better informed about what’s going on locally, the services, organisations and businesses you can access, and you’ll also be able to make the switch to shop locally more often. Great for local jobs and the local economy.

For small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and organisations, the group is a place where you can showcase what you do and how local people can buy from you or use your services. Look out for regular themed posts which allow you to reach group members without needing to post ‘spammy’ promotional posts.

Get involved

If this sounds like a group you could make a positive contribution to, make sure you head over to the Support Local Lowton, Golborne and Newton-le-Willows group and join as a member today.

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