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Members of St Helens Borough Council Cabinet for 2024-25

New Leader and Cabinet confirmed for St Helens Council

by Gemma Melling

The new council leader for St Helens Borough Council, Councillor Anthony Burns, and his cabinet have been officially announced.

The Blackbrook councillor unveiled his new Cabinet at the Annual Council meeting on Wednesday 15 May, and promised to deliver growth and transformation for St Helens Borough that brings positive change for everyone.

Cllrr Burns said: “St Helens Borough is a place made by its people, a hard-working and proud place that myself and my Cabinet are honoured to serve and dedicated to supporting its growth. We are at the cusp of many once-in-a-generation transformational projects such as the regeneration of two town centres, the completion of Omega West and the start of Parkside which will all bring great opportunities for our borough’s residents and businesses.

“We’re also committed to continuing the nationally recognised work we are doing with our partners across the borough in tackling inequalities that some of our residents face and making sure that every child in our borough gets the best start in life, building to better prosperity for future generations.”

The new look Cabinet line-up is:

·       Leader: Councillor Anthony Burns

·       Deputy Leader, Transport and Environment: Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron MBE

·       Finance and Governance: Councillor Martin Bond

·       People, Performance and IT: Councillor Keith Laird

·       Inclusive Growth and Regeneration: Councillor Richard McCauley

·       Supporting Neighbourhoods: Councillor Trish Long

·       Business, Culture and Leisure: Councillor Kate Groucutt

·       Integrated Health and Social Care: Councillor Andy Bowden

·       Children and Young People: Councillor Nova Charlton

·       Public Health: Councillor Sue Murphy MBE

Meanwhile, Cllr Jeanette Banks, from Newton-le-Willows, was elected to serve as Mayor of St Helens Borough for the coming municipal year. Cllr Banks is a former St Aelred’s pupil, and current governor at both the Federation of St Mary’s Catholic Schools and Lyme Community Primary School in Newton-le-Willows, as well as serving as a Eucharistic Minister at St Patrick’s Church.

New Council Leader Cllr Burns said: “Together as a Cabinet we will continue to work hard to deliver the key services that you value while delivering a balanced budget, from providing the help to keep people healthy and living in their own homes for longer through our adult social care through to providing essential services such as highway improvement schemes, making sure we continue to celebrate and recognise our heritage and provide people with the opportunities to live healthy, active lives in their communities.”


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