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New project aims to recycle old bikes and get Earlestown cycling!

by Gemma Melling

A project that refurbishes bicycles, making cycling more affordable for local people, whilst also training people up and creating jobs has just opened in Earlestown.

The Earlestown Cycle Project is supported by charity partners ‘Rebuild with Hope Foundation’, known for their work helping people who face barriers to employment.

Set up in 2022, the Cycle Project UK cic aims to create happier, healthier communities by getting people cycling and keeping bikes on the road. The first project was set up in Hindley and at the large Rebuild with Hope store in Wigan. Now that project has come to Earlestown, where the Cycling Project has set up shop on Back Bridge Street, (accessed via the Rebuild with Hope charity shop on Bridge Street).

Some of the bikes available now from the Earlestown Cycling Project.

How does the Earlestown Cycling Project work? 

It takes donations of old or unwanted bikes, services and repairs them, then sells them on at an affordable price, with all proceeds ploughed back into the project. It’s great for people who need bikes for commuting or leisure, but struggle to afford the high cost of new. It’s also really popular with families – as children so quickly outgrow their expensive bikes. Why not donate the bikes that are now too small and choose something larger as they grow?

It’s a fantastic way to pick up a refurbished bike without breaking the bank – all the cycles are just priced to cover the costs of project and any profits are reinvested into the venture.

Can you help the Earlestown Cycling Project be a success?

The project already has a selection of bikes for sale, and is currently saving up any money made to buy the tools they need to have the repair centre fully open in a month or so.

And now they need two things to really get things going: donations of unwanted bikes and volunteers!

If you can give a bit of your time to the project – whether working in the workshop helping to service and repair the bikes (full training will be provided), or just helping sell the bikes or giving some time to help raise awareness of the project on social media.

If you have donations they’ll be very much appreciated, and can be dropped in anytime the workshop is open – check their Facebook page for the latest information.

And that’s not all…

Once they’re fully up and running, The Earlestown Cycle Project will be offering a lot more than just bikes and repairs.

They’ll be offering courses on cycle maintenance, eBike diagnostics, and remote area first aid (very useful for mountain bikers and touring).

Watch this space!


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