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Planning app in for first phase of Earlestown Masterplan

by Gemma Melling

The planning applications for Earlestown and St Helens town centre regenerations are now available to view online.

St Helens Borough Council and its partner the English Cities Fund (ECF) have prepared planning applications for the first phases of the Earlestown and St Helens Town Centre Masterplan Development Frameworks.

Earlestown’s application will focus on the transformation of the central market square with a new market hall canopy, together with wider public realm improvements to key high streets.

Take a look at the planning application in full on St Helen’s Council’s website.

Find out more about what is planned in Earlestown.


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1 comment

andrew watkinson August 24, 2022 - 9:29 pm

This being the first comment left, proves my first point that not very many people at all knew that this was a done deal. I use social media, regularly visit the library and read the community notice boards sporadically and I wasn’t aware of it. I was aware of the totally inadequate consultation with the cabin in Earlestown, I was led to believe we would be consulted again before things a finalised. The standard response from the people who were paid to answer our query on the day was, it is something that we’re looking into.

I received an email from someone called Helen on behalf of St Helens Council & the ECF on 10/12 stating that the plans were to be looked at on Wednesday 20th October. I hope you understand my confusion when I found out that the council has already signed off the work without the majority of the publics knowledge. That was the same cynically ploy when the TUC used when merging T&G with Aslef to form unite.

If you could make all of WA12 councillors aware of this message and my intention to publicly make people aware of how I believe that this regeneration money is not being wisely spent and that the consultation was a sham.

St. Helens Labour Council have no right ever to purport to be green when they are selling off swathes of greenbelt land to build warehousing. A couple of charging points would make sense to me. You know, with the manufacturing of convention engine cars coming to an end in eight years. I would have thought installing recharging points while the pavements are up and to beat the inevitable rush, the perfect time would be when the regeneration is happening.

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