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Hundreds of packets of sandwiches

‘Save our Sandwiches’ appeal feeds families across Newton

by Gemma Melling

Volunteers from a local domestic abuse charity sprang into action when more then 1,000 sandwiches were at risk of going to waste!

In total, 1,168 sandwiches were donated to charity Domestic Abuse WA12 by the Vulcan Juniors Football Club last weekend.

With time of the essence, the group immediately contacted all their volunteers, who answered the call and sprang into action to collect and distribute the food to people in need in Newton-le-Willows.

These included hundreds of local families as well as to local care homes and Newton Community Hospital.

Drop offs were also made to local fire stations and people working at the ambulance service, as a thank you for their round-the-clock service locally.

The sandwiches were boxed up and distributed across Newton-le-Willows by volunteers from Domestic Abuse WA12

A huge thank you to the Vulcan Juniors football club for their kind donation, and a massive well done to Domestic Abuse WA12 for ensuring no sandwich went to waste!

About Domestic Abuse WA12

Domestic Abuse WA12 offers survivor led support for those affected by Domestic Abuse in Newton-le-Willows.

They offer confidential support, including advocacy, signposting, weekly meetings, educational workshops and healing therapies.

In addition, the group regularly support between 400 – 500 families each week with access to surplus food. They distribute from Cross Lane Church, and more details are available on their Facebook group.


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