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Veterans attend a VJ Day service in Earlestown

Service marks anniversary of VJ Day

by Gemma Melling

A service of remembrance took place in Earlestown this week to mark 78 years since VJ Day – Victory over Japan.

Although VE Day, on 8 May 1945, was much celebrated, many troops continued to fight in other parts of the world, for several months after victory in Europe was declared.

But on 15 August, 1945, VJ Day saw Japan surrender and brought about the end of World War 2.

On Tuesday, a service was conducted at the War Memorial in Earlestown, with members of the Newton and District Veterans and local dignitaries in attendance.

Veterans gather for a service outside the war memorial in Earlestown on the anniversary of VJ Day

Newton-le-Willows Councillor, Sev Gomez-Aspron said: “Lots of northern south Lancashire towns like Newton-le-Willows had men who fought in front line battles, and all of the worst battles you can imagine portrayed often in film and media.

“VJ Day is often forgotten compared to VE Day, but some of the most horrific treatment and conditions happened in the Eastern and Pacific arenas, and it’s important that we remember that as much as the other key dates in the second world ward.

“I know my relative, Pte Jimmy Zorn, who served with Wingate’s Chindits spoke little about their experience after the war, and it’s important we remember the sacrifice they made for both freedom, and they refused to tolerate fascism.”

You can read more about VJ Day on the British Legion website.

We shall remember them.


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