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Hope's victorious Grade 5 Women's Group and Pair.

‘Spectacular start’ for Earlestown gymnasts

by Gemma Melling

By Kane Green

Gymnasts from Newton-le-Willows’ Hope Acrobatic Gymnastics Club travelled to Sunderland at the weekend as the competitive season began at the South Tyneside International Acro Cup. It was a spectacular start as the club returned home with a haul of medals.

Hope dominated the Grade 5 categories. In the Women’s Group, Isobel Stirrup, Jessica Lancaster and Lois Preston took a seemingly unassailable lead after a thrilling Dynamic routine which earned a monumental score of 26.750. In the second round of Balance routines, their closest rivals rallied to challenge the trio with superb performances of their own. It was not enough though, as the Hope girls repeated their heroics of the first round and held on to their lead to claim victory and a well-deserved gold.

In the Grade 5 Women’s Pair competition, an uncharacteristic error saw Betty Prescott and Emma Green in third place after Saturday’s first round. With a point to prove and the pressure on in the Dynamic routine on Sunday, they held their nerves and produced a magnificent display to overturn the deficit and top the standings to secure a second gold medal for Hope.

There was further success in the Grade 3 Women’s groups. In a huge category of 25 trios, Hannah Gannon, Alice Pownall and Daisy Denmade performed beautifully to claim yet another gold, well clear of their opponents on the judges’ scorecards. There was further success in the category with Skylah Malaney, Eva Booth and Harriet Lloyd taking bronze with another superb display.

There was a final bronze medal for Hope when Holly Williams, Darcey Cassidy and Rosie Kay took to the floor and secured 3rd Place in the IDP2 category with their Balance routine.

Next for Hope’s Elite Squad gymnasts is November’s NW Championships on home turf at Robin Park.


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