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Willow Park in Newton-le-WIllows, with Newton Lake looking very frozen

Winter in Newton-le-Willows: Your photos

by Gemma Melling

To celebrate the best of the season, we invited you to share your photos of winter in Newton-le-Willows.

Thank you to everyone who sent theirs in. Below are some of our favourites. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 

Mark Jones

Park Road North in Newton-le-WIllows in the snow

Mark captured the scene along Park Road North and in Mesnes Park on this January morning when snow fell. 

Sam Dunn

Willow Park in Newton-le-WIllows, with Newton Lake looking very frozen

Sam captured these chilly looking swans looking out over a beautiful icy Newton Lake at Willow Park. 

Rachel Nulty

Two boys sledging in the snow in Newton-le-Willows

George and Max wasted no time in getting out to play in the snow, using Rachel’s old sledge… looks like they had lots of fun, too! 

Amanda Hilton

Snowy scene in Newton-le-Willows

This was the lovely snowy scene that greeted Amanda one morning, as the sun begins to rise over the recently fallen snow.

Abbi vd Westhuizen

And here’s the scene Abbi looked out at – with the colour contrast between the crisp white snow and the orangey glow of the street lamp being what really caught her eye.

Amanda Atherton

Snow at Willow Park in Newton-le-Willows

Amanda must have been one of the first ones out at Willow Park when the snow fell in January in Newton-le-Willows… there is not a footprint in the snow to be seen in this lovely photo.

Annabel Cantarero

A frozen Sankey Canal

Annabel captured this strange scene whilst out on a dog walk along the Sankey Canal. It shows the canal looking more like an extension of the footpath… completely frozen over! 

Jeff Prior

Jeff took this stunning image of Mesnes Park just as night fell one winter’s evening. He describes the scene as very atmospheric and almost ‘eerie’… and we agree! 


Lucky Mary woke up to this beautiful view from her bedroom window one winter’s morning. She said it inspired her so much, she wanted to take up painting again. We can totally understand why! 

Terry Maguire

Winter view from the Nine Arches

Terry, one of our local councillors, was lucky to capture this view on one of his trips to be updated on the progress restoring the Nine Arches viaduct. What a stunning scene! 

John Norris 

John Norris's photo of a snowy lakeside at Newton Lake

The ducks almost seem to be basking in the winter sunshine in this picture, taken by John Norris at Newton Lake! 


Dog playing in the snow

Edward, a talented photographer from Newton-le-Willows, captured this lovely shot of his dog making the absolute most of the snow day! He looks wrapped up warm and like he’s having so much fun.

Louise Williams

Louis Williams's photo of a garden with mature trees covered in snow

There was certainly plenty of snow in Louise’s garden – the mature trees look majestic in the winter light. 

Lillian Corless

Snow covered street and houses

Lillian captured the view down her street after a good covering of snow in January 2024!

Maggie Lamb

Maggie Lamb's photo of her snowy back garden

It’s easy to see that Maggie’s garden must be absolutely beautiful and full of colour in summer. But here, covered in snow, it looks pretty fantastic too! Lovely photo Maggie.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos for our Winter Photo Challenge! 

You’ve helped us create a lovely snapshop of our town throughout the season. 

Now, we’re on the lookout for your photographs as Spring 2024 unfolds. 

Send us your pictures to news@newtonlewillowsnews.co.uk. Don’t forget to tell us who took the picture, and where. You can view the terms and conditions for our photo challenges here.

Have you enjoyed these pictures?

Please leave a comment below to let us – and the photographers – know what you thought! 

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