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Young gardeners celebrate St George’s Day

by Gemma Melling

Young people at the Business for Youth Junior Gardening Club celebrated St George’s Day in a suitably green fingered way this weekend.

Planting sunflower seeds.

The keen young gardeners enjoyed a patriotic theme to their session this week, tucking into handmade cakes decorated with St George’s flags whilst getting busy in the Business for Youth garden.

The group made and decorated St George’s day flags

The sun shone as the Junior Gardening Club weeded and prepared the garden for the year ahead.

Junior Gardening Club – hard at work!

Each child also sowed a sunflower – and over the coming weeks and months, they’ll be watching their flowers grow and grow!

The young gardeners also enjoyed some St George’s Day themed craft activities, and finished their session with some well deserved snacks and drinks, including the handmade cakes.

The young people of the Junior Gardening Club as well as parents, carers and helpers.

Well done Junior Gardeners! We can’t wait to see how your sunflowers grow.

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